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GUC E-mail Policy

Information Technology Centre provides an e-mail account for every staff member and student of the GUC University.

These accounts are of the following forms:
  • for Staff:
  • for Undergraduate students:
  • for MBA students:

These e-mail accounts are considered to be the official e-mail contact point for University staff and students. All official University e-mail correspondence will be delivered to these addresses. These accounts can be accessed by configuring e-mail clients with a server address of (for staff and students), or by using the web-based e-mail interface. Access via POP protocol is available.

Web-based E-mail
As part of the University's e-mail system, IT Centre also provides a web-based e-mail facility. This facility allows users to read and respond to e-mail from any location where they have access to an Internet-connected web browser, and does not require the use of e-mail client software such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook.

The web-based e-mail system is available from
The GUC e-mail system allows users to store their e-mail on the server rather than downloading it to their desktop, so that it is accessible from more than one location.

E-mail Quotas
To provide a fair e-mail service to all users, there is a quota applied to the
amount of e-mail each user can store on the server. These limits are:

  • for Staff: 100 megabytes.
  • for Undergraduate students: 20 megabytes.
  • for MBA students: 20 megabytes.

Users will receive a warning e-mail when they are approaching their quota usage, and will see a message indicating how much e-mail they have stored when using the web-based e-mail system.
When users exceed their storage quota they will no longer be able to receive any new email.
To prevent this happening users are encouraged to delete e-mail messages they no longer need, and to download old messages to their local computer and delete them from the server.

E-mail Attachments
Users will be able to attach files with a maximum size of 4MB.
GUC E-mail filtering system will allow the attachment of any file except the following:
Video Files (Mpg, Avi, Asf, WMV,....) Audio Files (Mp3, Wav, Asx, Ra, WMA, ....) and Executable files.

Checking for New E-mail
Thousands of users constantly checking for new e-mail causes a significant burden to the GUC e-mail system, which can slow down access for all users.
Users who have configured their e-mail client software to automatically check for new e-mail are asked to set the polling interval to 15 minutes or greater.

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